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Jack McCall, a recovering alcoholic lawyer who has stayed away from his hometown for twenty years because of guilt relating to the death of his former girlfriend, reluctantly returns to Caldwell, Oregon, for his 20-year high school reunion to face the people and the memories that kick-started his drinking. He discovers, however, that events of the past that fueled his guilt weren’t what they had seemed, and that finding the truth buried among the illusions and lies can be dangerous.  

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Private detective, OnRee Poitier, must help Thaddeus Hodge, Chief of Detectives, Seattle Police, solve the mysterious death of entrepreneur David Trumpet who was found with 37 38 stab wounds in his right leg while travelling between Seattle and Portland on the luxury dinner excursion train known as The Orient Espresso. His biggest challenge, OnRee Poitier is allergic to coffee. Even the smell of it makes him sick, which is not good when the dead body and all the suspects are surrounded by vats of coffee..